While I was in college, one day I’ve realized that my academic situation wasn’t that good. At first, I was happy with whatever grade helped me graduate the course. But then, it came to me that my final grade mattered for future employers. Not to mention that I needed a certain number of credits in order to graduate college.

I’ve started to panic and I asked other students how they are managing to have great results. Some of them were honest enough as to tell me that they use the services of online writing companies. So I thought that I have nothing to lose if I try one website too. This is exactly what I have done.

After a short research, because I didn’t have much time to waste, I put my eyes on I was confident that the team in here could complete qualitative and fast papers. I gave them a chance and placed an order.

The company has a funny way of describing their writers: “experiences, expeditious, fastidious and proficient.” Yeah, yeah, but what degrees do they have? Where did they study? Are they full time writers or just freelancers? These aspects are vital when it comes to completing a high level academic paper. Personally, I would have wanted to know for sure if my writer is a specialist in the field.

The website is quite simplistic; you can tell that the team didn’t invest much in it. This made me wonder – is this company real or a scam, trying to get my money? Next, I found that the writers are not capable of completing many sorts of assignments – there are just a few available to choose from.

Fortunately, the website contains a free instant calculator for prices. For an essay that is to be done in 24 hours, one has to pay $19.25 per page. It is not that cheap, so I’ve hoped that the quality was going to be high indeed.
After completing the ordering form, I was contacted by the company. The writer was willing to talk directly to me, so I’ve explained him that I needed a simple, but impressive paper with a book review.

The writer was originally from another non English speaking country. But he adapted extremely well and now he had amazing language skills. Because he already knew the book, the final text was really passionate and appealing. I could easily present it to my professor who believed that I was the author of the review. Well, before submitting it, I’ve checked the spelling and found some typing errors – nothing that I couldn’t fix myself.

Eventually, there were some things that didn’t make me happy: there is no list of prices posted, so I cannot easily compare quotes to other companies; the website couldn’t deliver a large variety of papers, so I had to look for some other platforms too; there was no phone number available, so I couldn’t instantly contact the agents.

The prices are not the lowest on the market, I have to admit that. I could have bought a better paper with this amount. But what can I do, things were already done.

As about the live chat – it is not available 24/7. At some times, they say that there are no available agents, they are all busy. But let’s be honest, they are not available because they are not there, online. So no phone numbers, no online operators – no way to talk to someone if you have questions of problems regarding the order. This aspect may determine students to look for another company, easier to get in touch to.

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