The Worst Writing Mistakes You Can Make in Your Assignment

Student in awe

The common assignment mistakes made by students are small errors; however, they may seriously influence your mark. In a process of your assignment writing and after finishing it make sure you checked your text to avoid all the mistakes in the assignment. This list contains the worst writing mistakes students make in their research.

1) Poorly Written Introduction

Despite being one of the smallest parts of your assignment, introduction plays a significant role in your research. Apart from the informative function it also prepares the reader to the discussion which you will hold in the work. Be sure you mentioned your subject area and explained the key question of an essay. Don’t go off topic or add unnecessary information to the introduction: stay in boundaries of your main subject and always refer to essay’s main issue.

2) Incorrect Structuring of Paragraphs

Using paragraphs is an important condition of a good assignment. Lack of paragraphs or too many paragraphs damage the structure of work dividing the main research idea into several unrelated thoughts. Paragraphs should help you to organize ideas in a logical manner if you follow the rule “one paragraph – one idea”. Check whether there is a link between your paragraphs: the ending of one paragraph may start a discussion which you expand in the next one and so on. When you structure your essay’s body, try to read the text several times not as an author but as a reader until you feel that the text flows.

3) Misspells and Mistakes

Find time to check your text over and over again: even after several re-readings, there is a big chance you find a typo or a grammar error. To avoid that you may use a spell checker but don’t rely only on software. Sometimes human eye notices more spelling errors than a program. The best way to check your last version of the text is to read a printed copy and after that give it to someone with a “fresh look”. Your friends can provide some assignment help for you to help notice mistakes: it is useful to become a listener instead of an author to turn on the critical thinking.

4) Using Clichés Too Often

Though clichés sometimes bring originality to your work and may refer to a famous idea, it is better to avoid using set phrases on each page. Keep in mind that each type of paper requires its standards and not every cliché is appropriate for your type of research paper. Some professors also expect originality of your thoughts and may highly appreciate using fresh ideas instead of adding intricate clichés. The other extreme of such attitude is overwhelming your assignment with the informal language. Just keep a certain level of formality according to your type of paper and your professor’s expectations.

5) False Referencing

One of the most common assignment mistakes may seriously deduct your points. Online assignment writer of Australian service advises checking every reference and what is more important – not to forget to add a reference to the taken thought. If you will use the idea and present it as your own you may lose a lot of marks. Professional writers also mention the importance of punctuation while putting links, especially on the reference list pages: check each full stop, comma and spacing between names and dates. As long as each subject and type of paper have its requirements, use a guide for your type of research for correct referencing.