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Statistics is one of students’ nightmares. It requires attention, analyzing capacities, formulas and so on. There is nothing subjective about it – you either do it right or wrong. As a consequence, all tasks of this kind are time and energy consuming.

Unfortunately, professors assign tons of homework and students cannot afford to work only on one paper. Often, they must choose which course to graduate and which to fail.

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Understanding Statistical Concepts

When you get a project for your statistics course, you have to understand and analyze the concept your professor told you to focus on. However, statistical concepts are connected with one another, so you need deep understanding of all previous topics you elaborated. Here is a brief explanation of the most common statistical concepts you’ll be dealing with:

  • Mean – an average of a group of values. It’s calculated by summing all values and dividing them by the total number of values.
  • Median – the midpoint of a group of values. You calculate it by presenting the values in ascending order and finding the center of the list, so there are an equal number of values before and after the median.
  • Quartiles – the group of values is divided in four quartiles. The first quartile encompasses the first 25% of the values; and 75% of the values fall under the third quartile.
  • Inter-Quartile Range – that’s the distance between the first and third quartiles.