Before I start reviewing this new service I discovered, let me clarify one thing: I usually try to write my own assignments, at least when the requirements are clear and the papers are supposed to be relatively short. This was one of those assignments, but I had no time or will to complete it. It was for my human resource management course, which I found absolutely boring and unnecessary. Thus, I decided to hire a new service that would offer a decent price and strong guarantees.

I discovered via Facebook. That’s not usually the first place to look for, but it’s one of the first pages that appear when you type ‘assignment help’ in the search box. The social media profile is well-maintained, and there are few positive reviews on the page. This is a specialized service for Aussie students, so it seemed like the perfect match. Thus, I started exploring the website.

When I encounter a new assignment writing service, the first thing that interests me is the price. Let me tell you right away: this is one of those websites that don’t feature a clear pricing system. I don’t know if this is a new trend in the assignment writing industry, but I have to say I don’t like it at all. I want to be able to see quotes for different quality levels and deadlines, and I want to compare those offers with other services. This website requires you to submit the details of the assignment along with your email in order to get the quote and proceed with the payment.

There are few problems with this policy. First of all, why should I provide my email address when I’m not even sure I’ll like the price? What if the type of order requires uploading some content I’ve completed myself? If I don’t proceed with it, the company still gets my work and I can’t be sure it won’t be abused.

This is my first recommendation to the founders of this website: clarify the prices and make the ordering process simpler!

Now, let’s proceed with the actual review of the results I received. I decided to place the order without contacting the support. Nevertheless, I got the quote via email messages, and the offer worked for me. This was a simple assignment, so I didn’t expect a professional writer to have any problem to complete it.

Then, I faced another problem. There is no way to communicate with the author and monitor his work. I had to contact the support to find out if my assignment was making progress, so they assured me it would be ready on time. I would really appreciate the ability to contact the writer without the mediators.

Finally, here is some good news: I got the assignment by the deadline. The delivery was one hour early, so I had enough time to check if everything was fine. Honestly, I could have written a better assignment if I had enough time to conduct a proper research. The paper was decent, but it lacked personality. It was full of references and statistics, so I couldn’t identify the actual opinion of the author (i.e. my opinion). Due to the fact that the customer support was not that effective, I decided to make minor changes and add some fun to the piece. That took an hour of my time, but the final result was satisfactory.

All in all, I have to say that this assignment service needs to be more transparent. The fact that the website does not feature prices is very discouraging for a potential customer. The lack of direct communication between the writer and customer is also not encouraging. The quality I received was not bad, but I had to fix some things before submitting the final version.


2 thoughts on “ Review

  1. Samantha Hytten says:

    As a student, the easiest way to know if you can work with a writing service is if you can see the prices. These services should know that having this clear from the onset makes it easier for students to use their service.

  2. Chad T. says:

    I hate it when you have to fill in so many details for a simple assignment. It actually feels like you take more time filling in the form than you do discussing the assignment you need done. It’s no wonder the end product was such a disappointment!


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