Past two weeks I was in a big problem. I had to write personal statement for a job interview, and I really did not know how to do that. It was a completely new type of written assignment for me and every time I started to write I was not satisfied with the quality of my work.

After several attempts to write better content, I decided to ask for professional assignment help. This job opportunity was extremely important for me and I really wanted to give the best of myself to be sure that I will give a good impression.

Since I had never used similar services, I decided to check best online assignment help websites which provide comparison between many writing agencies. On several of them was mentioned and people who wrote reviews told that this company employs only assignment help experts with impressive backgrounds.

At that moment, I did not have any idea that these reviews are sometimes not genuine and that writing agencies pay people to write fake reviews.

This company claims it provides only 100% original and custom made papers tailored to meet customers’ demands. There are many testimonials with positive feedback about this company, which are a proof of their quality. I was a bit confused when I went on their website because it does not have clear sections with useful information.

Their website should definitely be improved if this company wants to get new clients. For example, I could not find do they cover personal statement, so I spoke with their representatives via online chat and he confirmed that personal statement is included in their offer.

Placing the order is similar to the placing the order on other similar websites. This company has an online form that is filled in with personal details and deadline information. After that, in next step, I had to fill in additional information.

I used similar services in past, during my studying and I really liked additional features such as professional editing, or plagiarism report because these created me a feeling that my paper has good quality. This company does not offer these features.

One additional problem I had with this service is completely nontransparent pricing. They do not have any information regarding pricing so I have to firstly place the order and I got further information on my email. After I paid the order I realized there are many cheaper services which could provide me work with fewer difficulties that this company.

The quality of paper they wrote for me was acceptable, but I had to modify it upon receiving. The personal statement did not have clear arguments related to the subject, despite the fact it should sound very personal. The personal statement they wrote for me had some general thoughts about the subject, but it did not have clear idea.

Besides, it has several spelling mistakes. I was disappointed with this service because I expected more from this company. Since I did not have enough time, I did not complain for the paper but I spent one additional day to improve it.

One of good things about this company is client support. This company’s support team is available 24/7. I was impressed to have direct communication with company’s representatives via online chat. The man who spoke with me was very kind and he had time to explain me every detail that interested me.

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