Education is a tough path to follow. While in school, students form a basic knowledge of everything around them, so that they can choose a discipline they want to further explore in college and contribute to when at university. All institutions come with a different amount of burden, but the truth is that students of all ages often struggle with the numerous tasks and pressure of deadlines teachers assign every day.

I know this since I am also a part of the educational system. What I have discovered so far is that there is no such thing as a student who never spent a sleepless night worrying or working on an assignment, simply because the professor did not give him enough time to finish it or set standards that were too high.

When something like this happens, what I do is look for the best professional service that will take care of my tasks for an affordable price. is one of the many services I have stumbled upon while searching for help, so I decided to try it out.

In this case, we are speaking of a service that is not only local, but provides help to all students worldwide. The range of services they offer is quite wide, which means this is a good option for those in need of a variety of assignments.

The pricing can be considered affordable and gets even better once you add the discounts the company offers. When ordering your paper, you have the choice between three quality levels. The guarantee options are vague since the only thing I found is a mention of guarantees, for which the company provides no further information.

The ordering form is simple since all you need to do is fill in the details, choose the deadline and type of paper. However, what I found to be extremely strange is that there is no option for style, number of references or sources for your assignments. This made me a bit worried since without any mention of these, the writer can freely deliver a low quality paper that is badly referenced and not suffer any consequences.

What follows is mainly disappointment from their service. They apparently have an application, but it has too few downloads and does not work.

Since I found the ordering form to be a bit short, I decided to contact the customer support. The first time I tried to do this, their so-called 24/7 live chat was offline, which means I got no answer whatsoever. Furthermore, once I decided to contact them via the phone number given on the website, I waited for 20 minutes and got no assistance.

Once I somehow managed to reach a customer service representative on the live chat, I was not satisfied by their service. I asked for the progress of my paper since the deadline was the next day and what I got was an answer two hours after the paper was actually delivered! This made me spent the day worrying about whether I will get the paper on time and whether or not I should hire someone else to do it.

Since I got the paper only few hours before the final deadline, there was no time for amendments. Additionally, what I feared when I saw the ordering form was actually real now that I got the paper, which means that it was full of mistakes and not properly referenced. I edited the paper myself, but still sent it to revisions just of curiosity. What I got was yet imperfect paper, still worth half the price I paid.

I consider my experience with to be extremely unpleasant, which made me never look for their services again. The bad content, insufficient and vague website information and most importantly, severe communication issues are a reason enough for me to say that this company is not one I would recommend to any student in need of academic assistance.



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