How to Start Your First Year in College

It is quite obvious that majority of freshmen can’t wait to start their college life. Loud parties, new friends, independence from the family are what come to mind when ex-pupils imagine their study years. But starting a college life is also a hard challenge: first time in your life you will live on your own, think seriously about career and take responsibility for your decisions which may be sometimes fateful. Well, we don’t want to scare you but it is a fact – college life requires some preparation. Here we share some useful advices given by experienced graduates to make you more confident beginning new step of your life.

College tip for freshmen

1. Face Your Fears
Don’t be shy of your inexperience and don’t be afraid of things you have never done before. Consider them an opportunity to become an independent person. Feeling uncomfortable while moving far from home? Leaving your comfort zone will teach you how to deal with problems without parents’ control. Missing old friends? College is an opportunity to meet new ones. Worry about lack of time for study and assignment writing? You may ask students or special services for assignment help to save some time. Think positively, at least, there were thousands of students before you who have got through the first college year and have very pleasant memories of it.

2. Join Campus
Academic based clubs have several advantages: firstly, you may save lots of money by not paying for the separate room but living on campus if there are accommodation options (don’t forget to ask about vacant rooms beforehand). Secondly, campuses always offer activities of big range: from sports to study fields, which is not only a great way to have fun with new mates but to make some useful connections to get hired after graduation. Learn how to socialize by joining teams and visiting parties but in moderation: it is easy for a freshman who has felt the freedom far from home to go a bit too far while partying affecting the grades.

3. Talk to the Actual Students

freshman meme
Before starting your first college year you will be offered to have a tour around the university which is, of course, a great way to get to know the area but most of such tours try to show the college as a product, not as a service. While walking around try to communicate with the students during their coffee break: don’t be shy to ask questions. The graduates will be flattered to answer them to a freshman and may advise some interesting places which professors or tour guides usually don’t speak about. Ask about study process, professors or how to get writing help in case you will meet tough deadlines.

4. Learn Your Professors
Who may reveal even more tips on college life than the current students? Professors of your chosen specialization will highly appreciate getting questions from freshmen as well as see you being enthusiastic about the upcoming study. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of chatting with professors during lunch or having a cup of tea with your tutor. Some universities practice the interaction between students and teachers during tea-drinking which encourages a friendly atmosphere where ideas grow.

5. Consider College a Unique Experience
It is great if your goal is achieving the best grades and getting a perfect diploma but doesn’t miss a fact: your college time is an experience that you probably won’t repeat again. Considering your age, energy, desire to communicate and have fun together with passion to explore the world, make college time the best time of your life: meet people you won’t most likely meet under normal circumstances, visit interesting lectures, hang out, study out of dormitory and simply enjoy yourself as the time passes by.