Several days ago I did not have enough time to finish all projects, including Book review for English class. I did not know what to do, and then I decided to use professional online assignment service. I wanted to find assignment Australia based company that provides quick and quality papers.

I did not have time to speak with my friend, neither to check online reviews, so I decided to gamble and pick one of many of companies working in this field. I searched online for a result and I stumble across

I have to be honest and say that this was not such an important assignment for me. is surely one of the leading companies working in the field of academic writing, but despite this fact its website is very poor. I wanted to find out more about educational and professional background of the writers, but the website does not provide such information.

Besides, their “About us” part of website was very poor and it included only PR slogans, even though I expected to find more information about the company. I was not completely sure will they be able to provide me help with assignment, but I risked and placed the order.

Placing the order is a bit different comparing to the other similar services. Ordering form contains three parts. In the first part I had to fill in my personal details and to register at the website. After that, I had to provide information regarding my paper, such as topic, paper details, formatting.

Finally, in the third part of ordering form I filled in details regarding deadline, preferred writer, and extra features. I was a bit suspicious during placing the order regarding deadline.

When you fill in required details you have to define “first draft deadline”, not final deadline for finishing paper. I did not like this definition because I was not sure when will I receive completed paper.

This was relatively urgent paper since I had only 3 days deadline. Due to that, I chose 2 days deadline for the first draft, and as I suspected I did not receive finish paper within required deadline. Unfortunately, I was right.

My assigned writer had Master’s degree, but from economy not from literature. The first draft had average quality, as it was wrote by any other students and because of that I had many comments and revisions, but the problem started when writer told me that he did not have time to implement revisions during next 24h.

I was furious because of that. I had to modify first draft on my own, and to finish paper to be able to submit it on time. Basically I wanted to pay in order to have some free time, but during these 3 days I worked on the paper whole the time as I was writing it on my own. I spent some money, and I did not get results I expected.

The pricing table is not transparent and I did not have any idea how much my paper would cost. At the end I paid $25 per page. Compared with some other similar companies, this price is average. There are cheaper companies in the market, as well as, more expensive.

This company has several additional features that influence the total cost of paper. Some of them are: plagiarism free report ($9.99), abstract page ($14.99), and VIP support ($14.99).

When I realized I have a problem with paper delivery, I decided to contact their client support team, but they were not able to help me. They have online chat, email and telephone, but all the time operators forwarded me from one to another responsible, so at the end they did not help me.

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