Several weeks ago I had very busy schedule and I did not have time to prepare PowerPoint presentation for my class. I needed this presentation urgently and after several thoughts, I decided to order it from professional assignment writing service from Australia. During my previous education I did not buy assignments and this was the first time I do that.

Actually, until now I have never had such mess in my life and such short deadlines. Finally, I spoke with a friend who recommended me as very reliable service with many years of professional writing experience and they have been providing assignment help for many year. She used their service for several projects in past, so she was sure that this company would be able to prepare high quality PowerPoint presentation.

I have to be honest! This company should improve the content published on their website because it does not cover the most important information regarding the writers’ background and education. I find this information very useful because they shows me what can I expect from the company.

I tried to contact customers support, but they told me that this is not their part of work and that I should call manager via telephone in order to find these information.

I placed the first order and ordering process was very easy and intuitive. I had to fill in one form and provide all information regarding my presentation. After several hours I was contacted by my assigned writer to explain her further details about my work.

It was a presentation related to Organic chemistry, but this company assigned me a writer with a degree from Math. I was not happy with this choice, but I accepted it. I decided to use premium service since I wanted to be sure that my presentation will have high quality.

After I receive presentation I was not completely satisfied with the quality of provided work. The quality was average and I know if I had done it on my own, the quality of the presentation would be better. Since I did not have time to work on it, I had to accept this one. I noticed several typos, and several content mistakes. It was expected since the writer comes from completely different scientific field.

Prices of this service are very affordable and lower than competitors’ prices. I ordered a PowerPoint presentation with 3 days deadline and premium quality and my price was $14.99. I ordered originality report just to be sure that my paper does not have plagiarized parts, and I paid it additional $2.95.

My opinion is that low cost companies provide papers with limited quality. Because of that I will avoid low cost companies in future. This assignment was not extremely important for me, and because of that I was in possibility to order low cost paper.

As I said above, I did not have very positive experience with client support of this company. They are always available, but they are not responsible for many very important questions.

I tried to get information about the writers, but they told me to call some telephone and speak with their manager. I think that they should improve this service if they want to keep clients and improve their business.

All in all, this company has average capabilities. There are many better in the market, but they are not the worst. They have possibilities to improve some parts of their business and they can become one of the leaders in this field.

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