If you ever had to complete an essay for a university/college course, you understand my frustration with the educational system. The standards are high. We are burdened with credit requirements, so we must take several elective courses in order to achieve the limit. The worst part is that all these courses come with different assignments, essays, research papers, article critiques, and whatnot.

I’m always looking for decent assignment services that would help me meet deadlines and submit top-notch content without any struggle. I located by chance; the site is not listed in the first page of Google results when you look for an assignment writing service, but this time I was feeling adventurous and I searched a bit deeper.

The factor of attraction was the website itself. There is tons of information to read. You can read about the company’s mission, as well as about its policies and guarantees. The fact that the writers offer free revisions was very important for the final decision. The list of services is quite clear; the company offers essays, research papers, coursework, assignments, homework, and other services that are listed in the order form.

Let’s talk about the prices. This is where I got confused. In the Prices section, there is a form that enables you to select the product, number of pages, and spacing. I did that, and nothing happened. Okay, where is my price? Luckily, a list of quotes popped up after few seconds. If I wasn’t patient enough, I would’ve left the website. My impression is that the list should be offered immediately; there is no reason to wait for it when you get the same quotes for all types of essays.

The prices are quite affordable if you ask me. Some of the best services I’ve used are a bit more expensive, so I was pleased to pay a lower price for my essay for English class. I needed 2 pages, so I changed the parameter in the little form, but the price chart took few more seconds to update. Anyway, the price for 2 pages of content (which is about 550 words) and a deadline of 7 days was $33.98 for Premium Quality.

In the About Us section, the company states that its writers hold advance degrees in their fields. Thus, I expected an author with an MA or PhD in literature to be assigned to my project. I contacted the support center to make sure I would get what I was looking for, but the agent told me they only had a writer with a Bachelor degree available at the moment. ‘Not too bad’ – I thought.

The thing that bothered me was lack of communication between me and the writer. I tried contacting the agents to ask how the essay was progressing after I placed the order. They told me they would get back to me after they contacted the author. I never got a response, so I had to contact them several times before they assured me that the order would be ready on time.

The final result was satisfactory. The paper was well-organized, and it was very creative. The only thing that bothered me was the conclusion; it didn’t feel complete. That was not a big problem; I only had to add one sentence to restate the thesis statement, so everything fell in place.

In conclusion, is a satisfactory company, but it’s not the very best assignment service out there. The quality was decent, but I think that the website should be more usable. A direct messaging system between the authors and customers would make a huge difference.

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  1. It is very frustrating when you hire a writing service to help beat a deadline only for them to make you deliver the assignment long after the deadline. I mean, you pay for the service but it still does not help you!

  2. As a new client I should get a discount (it’s mentioned on website), but I didn’t get any discount. It’s awful!

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