When looking for the best writing service for your academic assignments, the most important thing to look into is reviews from customers. Knowing that this is the most important factor I should use in my decision, the first thing I did when I encountered the name of company was exactly that. A small research was all I needed to decide to try out the company myself.

The numerous positive reviews on the Web mostly referred to the quality of papers, but the first thing I loved about this service was the look of their website. Many companies focus on the service only and fail to pay the necessary attention to their websites, which for me, are a great contribution to making a decision. A website design such as the one on is an indication of a professional company that provides their customers with all necessary information.

What I needed was a Statistics project and honestly, I hated the subject. This was more of an urgent order, which means I broke my plan of ordering everything in time with the goal of saving some money. However, the professor for the subject was so strict with me, that I could not possibly allow myself to deliver a bad project.

Since this was my first purchase from the company, I got a reduced price of even 20%. This made things much easier since the price was significantly increased due to the two-day deadline and the fact that I opted for the Platinum Quality because of my professor.

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The significant reduction of the price gave me the chance to go even further by ordering a plagiarism free report of $4.5. Even though my budget was very tight at the time, I could not allow myself to miss the opportunity to get a guarantee of originality for such a low additional cost. Not only this, but I actually got in their membership program after the first order, which allowed me to accumulate pages and collect a discount that ranges up to 15%.

The prices of the company are very affordable if you do not order a paper with a short deadline. If you place an order for, let’s say, 10 days, this would cost $22.99 per page of Platinum Quality. Additionally, you can choose some of the offered features like professional editor, top 10 writers, VIP service package, VIP support etc, to get an even more focused service for your assignment.

The ordering process was very easy, after which I was assigned a PhD writer who was an expert in statistics and the international economy. I could confirm this information since the writer was obviously highly experienced and educated in the niche, which allowed him to deliver a paper of optimal quality. I say optimal because in order to make that particular professor happy, your paper had to be without a single flaw and I actually got an A for it!

What about their customer support, you would ask? The customer support was the friendliest one I have ever spoken to and they answered all my questions rapidly, regardless on the time.

Once I got the A, I decided to share my experience with friends. This company became one of our favorite service and the savior that helped us deliver everything within the deadline. There was no single occasion of missing a student’s requirement.

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  1. I also enjoyed how easy it was to place an order on this site. I have had trouble I other sites and I can confess, this is one of the easiest ones I have used. You can literally use just five minutes max to place your order here.

  2. Thank you for the review; now I have confidence using this service even as a first timer.

  3. Now having this level of writers on board is why I will always use this service.

  4. Get a 25% discount from support! Nice guys. will use them again!

  5. I got special discount for ordering 16 pages. Saved $25

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