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As is the case with many other students, you probably have problems with finishing all assignments within the given deadline. Since this is the trend nowadays, you have heard of assignment help agencies that do the papers for you and charge a fee for it, so you probably tried searching the Web for one that can help. The result is hundreds, if not thousands of custom writing services, all offering highest quality content for what they say is an affordable price.

The question here arises: Who do I choose for my papers?

When I needed assignment help, I have stumbled upon a service called Australian Writings. In order to make the right choice, I have decided to check online blogs and reviews for a feedback on this service. What I found was excellent feedback from satisfied customers and the constant claim that this is one of the rare companies that works with solely native English speakers.

Once the researching part was done, my next step was to order a research paper from Australianwritings. Unlike other risks I have taken when ordering my papers online, this one resulted to be the right choice. I was extremely satisfied from their service, which made me decide to share the experience with everyone who needs assignment assistance.

Firstly, the company works with an extremely professional writing team that treats every assignment with equal, undivided attention. While I was waiting for my order to be completed, I felt like the company was fully devoted to my research paper.

Secondly, I found the ordering process to be very simple. All I had to do to order my research paper is to fill in an online form on their website that required only information related to my assignment.

After I did this, the company provided me with the opportunity to modify the working style of my writer, give feedback about the work in progress and keep track of my paper. However, I had no need to do this since the writer did not fail to follow my requirements at all! Considering that the research paper was in the economy niche, I am assuming the writer was an expert in the particular field since he showed excellent knowledge and provided me with superior quality.

As any other company, this one also pays special attention to the satisfaction of clients. Of course, the success of the company depends greatly on it, but many companies expect you to write great feedback without giving you the reasons to do so. However, has definitely deserved good feedback since their plagiarism free policy allowed for even a 100% original paper.

The best thing about the service is the prices! Since all of us simply look for the chance to save some money, this is the best choice you can make. Not only their prices are very affordable, but they also offer amazing discounts and special offers.

The company gives you the option to order a plagiarism check report that costs a small fee of $2.4. Additionally, you can pick the VIP service package for a small price of $16.81, especially if your assignment is of great importance for your academic success.

A starting price for a Standard quality essay with urgency of 10-days costs 19.99, while the higher quality papers with most urgent deadline cost $54.99.

Besides the high quality and great writers, I was also satisfied by the company’s support system. I contacted them via the online chat and got prompt and helpful response. Aside from this communication method, you can also call them on the phone or contact them via email.

If I would make a list of the top five services I have ordered my papers from, would definitely be on it!

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  1. Thank you for this feedback! I was not aware that I could easily track the progress of my order. I simply order and wait.

  2. I totally agree with you that the writing here is superior to most other writing sites. I decided to use this service after trying out two that totally let me down. Now, with this kind of quality work, I cannot go anywhere else.

  3. All I know is that we pay for quality work; that is the entire reason why we go looking for these services. This service sounds like the kind of service that delivers such work. I will definitely use it.

  4. I love that this service can deliver in such a short time’s notice.

  5. I also like the fact that the order process is easy. For some sites, you really have to struggle before actually being able to send your order. Here, it’s a breeze!

  6. The fee they charge for the assignment is not that bad.

  7. I have a question – can I communicate with writer before making order? How can I check if my writer has enough experience and knowledge to write my project? (I need to do an accounting project). It’s very important to me, thanks

    1. You can communicate with writer, but you need to provide your assignments for him and it means make an order on website. In other case how he could do it, right? If you don’t like your writer you can always change it. I think it’s not a problem.

    2. Why you should communicate with writer? I think support should do this for you. You pay money for this!

  8. I think you should ask a support team, they have a live chat on website. Maybe they could provide you a couple of writers and you can choose the best for your project.

  9. What about refund? Do they have such option? I need to know before making an order. Does this company really back money if I don’t like the paper?

    1. I used this service a couple of times, but I never need a refund as all my assignments were done good. But yes, they have a refund policy on website, so I don’t think it could be a problem.

  10. As far as I know you can back your money if you don’t like the paper, this service sings an agreement, where they provide refund any time during the process. But you can’t back to them in like 2 months after receiving the paper and ask for a refund.

  11. Used them for scholarship essay and got it 🙂 Worth every penny, writers are really pros!

  12. Was struggling with my dissertation chapter, actually I finished it by myself, but it needed some proofreading. I got a PHD writer and he not only edited it, but added some good points, that impressed my professor. I don’t think it’s cheating, I did it by my own and needed only a little help. I can highly recommend this service for dissertation writing, they have excellent PHD writers.

  13. Do I get a 20% off for first order if I order 2 papers? Or I get 20% off only for 1 paper?

    1. I think you should ask this question in chat on their website. But as far as I know the discount for first clients is for the first order, so technically it could be not one but 2 or more papers in order.

  14. Hi My name is Mitul Bhardwaj. I need your help in making my assignment of law and ethics which is based on case study. It is worth of 3000 words. Can I get an idea how much you charge? Thanks

    1. Hello, Mitul! We don’t make any assignments. We just review popular assignment writing services and provide up-to-date information about assignment writing. If you need to check prices for your assignment just check the price page – Don’t forget to use the discount for first clients, as you can save 20% of the order with it.

  15. Can they do online tests for me? I have 3 days to finish them and I’m not sure if I pass. I have 2 tries, so at first I would like someone does them for me.

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