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Let me tell you one thing about my college studies: I can handle classes and exams, but the assignments cross every limit of common sense. Whenever a professor decides to ‘test our knowledge and commitment’ with another challenging assignment, I want to step up and explain that their concept of a good student is simply impossible. How can I find the time to go through the entire textbook, attend classes, have a part-time job, and write assignments on top of everything?

The panic levels were extremely high when I had to complete an important lab report for my chemistry course. There was absolutely no time to work on it by myself, so I had to discover a decent assignment writing service as quickly as possible. A friend suggested She said the work was not brilliant, but the writers followed instructions and completed the projects on time. I didn’t want my teacher to suspect someone else wrote the assignment for me, so the part “not brilliant” was not a problem for me.

At first sight, the site was quite confusing. Where are the prices? Why do I have to submit an email to get an estimation of the price? Why doesn’t the support provide quick and clear answers? I asked a straightforward question via live chat – where are the quotes and how much will my project cost? The agent said I was supposed to submit the details of my assignment, and then they would provide me with a price quote after they consult their expert. I’ve used other custom-writing services before, so that was a bit weird and inconvenient.

Anyway, my friend was very happy with this company, so I decided to follow the lead. The order form is rather simple. I provided my email, chose the subject, deadline and length, and provided more detailed instructions about the lab report I needed. I got an email notification with price estimation in about 5 minutes. They said the assignment would cost me 40 dollars. I compared the price with the offer of other services (which have much clearer price systems, I have to say), and it was close, even a bit cheaper. I decided to go for it, so I approved the order.

The company assigns native Aussie speakers to provide assignment help for its client, but the problem is that they don’t hold a relevant degree. My chemistry assignment was not completed by someone who knew more about the topic than me. The writer conducted a basic research and delivered something I could have completed in an hour. Although I didn’t want impressive work, this was definitely not what I was looking for.

There was no chance to contact the author of my assignment, so I had to solve the issue via the support system. This time, they weren’t that effective. When I was trying to place an order, I was treated fairly well. However, the agents were not keen to solve the issue after I got the first draft.

When I finally got my right to a free revision, the company assigned another author who had more knowledge on the subject. The final result was not great, but it was still better than the first draft. The only problem is that it arrived two hours past my deadline and there was no more time to ask for corrections. I had to submit the content in this flawed form and got a C on my assignment. Let me tell you: that grade is not worthy of $40.

My final thoughts are: this website needs some simplifying. The support should be more effective in terms of enabling the clients to get free revisions, and the prices should be transparent! Finally, the customers would be much happier if they got the chance to work with an actual expert in the relevant category.

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