Have you ever tried writing a research paper without success? You invest tons of effort, spend days going through different library sources, but the results are never satisfactory and you finally realize that you need help with its completion. That’s exactly what happened to me for my last project for history course. I thought I had this topic sorted out; World War 2 is an endless source of arguments. Nevertheless, I lost my motivation somewhere along the way, so I needed an assignment writing service that would follow my lead.

I was referred to by a friend. Yup, there is a referral program that provides users with discounts when they bring new customers. My sister told me she had a great experience with the writer, so she was willing to place more orders at the website. That was enough for me.

The first problem I encountered was lack of clarity at the website. There is no list of services, so I wasn’t sure whether or not the writers could complete a history paper. What a bummer. When you open the Services section, you get a vague description of the company’s offer. I had to contact the support and the agent said they had an available Aussie writer to take care of my order. Okay, but where are the prices? I don’t like services that make you contact support to get a quote, so that’s probably the most negative aspect of my assignment help review.

Well, the agent was kind enough to give me estimation, so I was grateful I didn’t have to provide my email for that purpose. A research paper of 2000 words and a deadline of 10 days costs $150, but I got a discount of 33%, which brought the price down to $100. That’s close to the offer most companies provide, so I don’t see the problem in offering a clear list of quotes for different deadlines.

Okay, now I came to the part of order placement. The form is rather simple, but there is a section that allows you to enter a price. Really? How come I can make an offer when an agent already told me the service was the one that sets the prices based on the type and difficulty of the order? I entered $90 just to try my luck, but I got an email that the order would cost $100.

The short form also allows you to upload files and add your instructions, so I provided a document with all sources I wanted to be mentioned in the paper. I didn’t want to waste all that effort that went into the research stage.

My order was accepted and now I needed to wait. I have to say that I’m very happy with the customer support system. The agent was always available to provide answers and I didn’t have to wait at all. However, I didn’t get a chance to message the writer directly, so I everything had to go through the live chat.

My research paper was done a day before the deadline, so I was happy I got it early. However, I had a serious problem: the author used only one of the sources I provided. The arguments weren’t believable because he didn’t support them with enough evidence. There was still time before the deadline, so I submitted a requirement for revisions.

Fortunately, I had proof that I was looking for something else in the order I provided, so the company had to revise the paper. When I got it back, it was much better, but the word limit was surpassed by 500 words. I had to cut out few sentences in order to make it closer to the limit my teacher imposed. is not the perfect service. It’s reasonably-priced and the support system is decent, but the author didn’t follow my instructions from the very beginning.

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  1. Much as the end result was okay, you shouldn’t have to go through so much trouble to get it done.

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