For starters, I have to admit that I don’t have such impressive language skills. For this matter, my last year of study has been really difficult. Professors were more than demanding and they did not accept errors in our papers. The situation was tough because I risked failing graduation.

As you can imagine, I wasn’t the only one having problems of this kind. I talked to my other colleagues and they suggested trying an online writing company. The idea was good, so I’ve started looking for this type of websites. There are tons of them out there, so it wasn’t easy to choose one. They were all promising flawless papers and low prices.

Honestly, I didn’t know which one may be the best and time was pressing me. In the end, I’ve decided to test I wisely thought of first ordering a smaller paper, just to check the services’ quality.

The company has hired professors and teachers who have worked in the Australian educational system. They are highly qualified to complete complex papers on all subjects. Also, the website has a team of researchers who look for the necessary information. I chose this company because every review on the website was positive.

When I first landed on the website, I realized that this one has been created in a very easy and cheap manner. Additionally, most of the main sections were listed at the bottom of the website. I mean, who checks out those small written words? Next, the team hasn’t posted info on how the whole ordering process goes. This would have been useful for students who have never used this kind of service before. At least one has the possibility of obtaining an instant quote.

The pricing is not that transparent, because the list is not out there. Users can just obtain instant quotes by choosing the type of paper, the academic level, the deadline and the number of pages. For example, an essay due to be done in 24 hours, graduate level, costs 27.95 AUD per page.

After submitting the order, I’ve been contacted by the agents. I’ve purchased an essay on international conflicts nowadays. The topic is pretty obvious and the writer had the necessary knowledge regarding the issue.

At first, I thought that my writer was a native Australian. But it turned out that she came from another country near by. However, her English was flawless and it did not affect my paper. In the end, I was happy with the essay – up-to-date information, clearly structured and easy to understand. The vocabulary was according to my academic level and I had no problems with presenting the text. Well, I just had to correct some minor mistakes like typos and punctuation.

All in all, here are some discontents: the website didn’t post the discounts willing to offer to customers, they just say to contact the agents; then, contacting the operators is not that easy – users have to fill in several fields. As you can see, it takes way too much time to learn what amount of money one would save by using this website.

The prices are somewhat good compared to the quality received. It is not the cheapest company on the market, but it does the job. However, for these quotes you could get better papers from other websites.

As mentioned above, in order to talk to the agents via the live chat, I had to reveal my name, e-mail, phone and an initial question. I didn’t like this – too much personal information for a simple question. Not to mention that this process takes valuable time.

The website could use a simpler live chat where one can just come and ask a question. Most students give up when they see that the online form is so complex.

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