In my second year of study, I have realized that my grades were worse every day. If I was to keep it up like that, I would have missed graduation. And honestly, this wasn’t an option, because I couldn’t afford to pay for college anymore. But it wasn’t my fault; I did everything I could to create impressive papers. Still, there was something bad about them and I didn’t know what to change.

The situation was desperate, so I tried to seek for help. Some other students who also had problems, told me to purchase papers from an online writing website. As I had no other better solution, I’ve started to look for this kind of companies. Well, it wasn’t an easy job, because there are tons of them online.

However, I didn’t have much time to compare and contrast, so I’ve decided to test one – I was just hoping that the website was competent enough as to complete all the types of essays I needed.

The company has hired proficient and experienced writers. We don’t know anything about their educational background, even though they are supposed to have some degrees in certain fields. However, it is quite a huge difference between bachelor degree and PhD degree. So personally, I would have wanted to know what academic level my writer has reached.

One thing bothered me the most – the team has not posted the prices. They only state that the website has the lowest quotes on the market, but how can I be sure if I cannot compare them to others? Additionally, as a new user of these services, I didn’t know how things work. So a page explaining the whole purchasing system would have been great.

As stated before, it was impossible for me to find out the prices. I wanted to contact the agents and ask for some info on this subject. But here I had another unpleasant surprise – they were offline at the moment. How is the company supposed to have international customers if it is not there for them?

Anyway, I have submitted the order and after some time, I have been contacted by the operators. They let me talk to my writer and transmit him some guidelines. My paper wasn’t that difficult, I bought something on literature modernism.

Did you know that not all writers are native English speakers, as the websites claim? At least mine wasn’t. But on the other side, his English was way better than mine. In the end, the assignment was satisfying – well written and organized, with relevant examples and strong arguments. There were just some minor mistakes, but I’ve got them.

Now, here are some aspects that brought me discontent: the agents not working 24/7, because I really wanted to ask for some information; the fact that the website wasn’t transparent with the financial aspects and it didn’t post a pricing list; and the last thing is about the writer – he was quite impatient with me.

The prices could have been lower. Honestly, with this amount of money, you could buy a superior paper and pay for a more patient writer.

As said earlier, it is always frustrating when one cannot talk with the agents. Respectable companies have customer support centers that work non-stop, day and night. It is essential to have someone answering to the live chat, because this is the most used ways of communications.

Students don’t have time to leave messages and to wait for replies that may or may not come. If a website is offline, they just go to another company. Is simple as this.

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  1. Awful service, their support hardly speak English!

  2. I had to change my deadline 2 times before writer actually wrote it. I spent too much time and didn’t get A paper. Next time I will think twice before using assignment service.

  3. I think these guys want too much for term papers, like come, on other services have lower price and provide discounts. I used it once and went to other service because I don’t see any reason to pay more for the same quality.

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