Students are faced with never-ending assignments from every course they attend. This makes the entire educational system much less than perfect, especially because most of the tasks assigned by teachers are of either high standard or too time-demanding. Sometimes, even those who are very talented in a subject simply cannot find the time to finish every single task assigned by their professors.

This is why I was looking for assignment help online that will assist me in handling the numerous assignments that keep on piling up on my desk. While looking for assignment expert, I have stumbled upon and decided to have a closer look at what they have to offer.

At first look, I found the website appealing and trendy, but including too much information. It actually took me a long time before being able to read all necessary information regarding what they offer and how one can order from the company.

In general, this is an assignment writing service that offers a wide range of services and assignment help for programming, engineering, math, economics, English, physics, management, chemistry and biology. So, if you are looking for an assignment help in Sydney, this is one of the choices you can consider.

From what I could see, there is not much information on the particular academic papers they work on, but I did find some important information about their writers. According to the homepage of the website, every online assignment writer that works with them is degree-holing expert.

I was looking for a pricelist, but there is no such given on the website. I have actually spent great amount of time looking for any information, but did not find anything that would indicate how much they charge. If you wish to know what an order will cost you, you have to go to the order form and check there. And not only that! You actually have to register if you want to see how much they require for your order.

I decided to overlook this part and try the service out. After all, I really needed someone to do my assignment.
The prices for assignment depend on the academic level, the deadline, the time they need to complete the assignment and its complexity. Academic field is not stated as a factor in pricing, which I found a bit strange. However, I have noticed that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee, so I decided to proceed.

The prices worked well for me. It was certainly not as low as the website said, but it can be considered average. There was no discount advertised on the site, so I didn’t even expect any. They have online chat that works perfectly. I have spoken with my writer in duration of the entire time they were working on my assignment.

Finally, I have received my assignment and it was good. There were some minor grammatical errors and I don’t think the content was good enough for the price I paid, but it was still suitable for the academic level it was meant for. I also checked if it is original and it showed no plagiarism at all, so that part was true.

They offer a direct assistance page where you can enter any question you have about an academic discipline issue. It is free. I’ve posted a question to check out this service, but unfortunately it does not work very fast.

Their blog is regularly updated and there are many posts that I found both fun and helpful. Also, the homework examples tab on the website was quite useful. I think that students can really benefit from the content of these two pages of the website.

From everything I have seen and experienced, I can now say that is a valid site for assignment assistance. However, I would not say that this is one of the best assignment writing services available, mostly because even though there is lot of content on the website, some of the most important things are not even mentioned, such as the price. After all, the prices are not as low as you may think while reading their website’s content. Additionally, the money back guarantee policy is somewhat strange, so I wouldn’t be so sure about it.


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