Never-ending pile of assignments, urgent deadlines and tons of studying materials is just part of the burden of every student nowadays. Not only the tasks are impossible to finish without sacrificing free time or even the necessary amount ofsleep, but there is also the fact that the educational system is not advanced enough for professors to know when a task is too-time demanding or of an extremely high standard. Therefore, it so often happens that even the most talented and hard-working students are stuck in between assignments and need some professional help.

All this led me to choose to share my personal experience with custom writing services with the purpose of helping you make the right decision. Once I saw that the pile on my desk is not getting smaller, I looked up for a service online and found

At first, I thought that the website of this company was really trendy and inviting. However, once I started looking for the information I needed, I noticed that the content is too overwhelming and at times, completely irrelevant. Since most of you probably do not have the free time to read irrelevant content, this is one big disadvantage for an assignment writing company.

Two pages that I found very interesting and educational are the regularly updated blog and the homework examples tab. As a student, I found this to be very beneficial.

The range of services offered by this company is quite wide, including assistance with programming, math, economics, engineering, English, management, physics, biology and chemistry. There is not much information regarding the services they offer except for this, but I was able to find some info about their team of writers. The homepage of their official website includes a part where it is said that every writer in their team possesses a high education degree.

I find pricing to be very important since as manystudents; I am also on a low budget. Therefore, the next thing I looked for was a pricelist, which unfortunately I did not find. After reading so much content on the website, I found no indication whatsoever of what the company charges.

So, if you want to check this, I suggest you immediately go to the ordering form and check it there. However, this comes with a trick too. In order to check the prices, you need to register with the service, which takes up yet another great deal of time. Why would one go through this entire ordeal when the risk of losing time on an expensive service is big?

I found this to be insufficient for me to give up on the service, so I continued and registered on the website. According to the ordering form, prices depend on urgency, academic level, complexity and time needed to complete the paper. The prices are relatively affordable, although not as low as I thought when I read the website content.

What I found to be most disappointing was that the company does not mention any discount on their website. Placing the order was easy and I was given the chance to speak with my writer in the duration of his work. Their live chat also works well, which allowed me to get answers to all concerns and questions I had regarding the service.

Finally, I got my paper within the given deadline and paid an average price for it. Since their pricing is not cheap and they do not offer any kind of discounts, I expected a paper of higher quality, which was not what I got. The assignment was relatively good, but contained several mistakes, which is something I find unacceptable for professional writers with an MA or PhD degree.

The plagiarism-free policy works perfectly and so does the direct assistance page. However, once I posted a question on it, I had to wait a while to get an answer.

All things considered, I can conclude that truly is a legit writing service. Still, I would not place this company among the best choices I have made in terms of academic assistance because of the abovementioned disadvantages. The company needs to do some serious improvement in terms of the huge amount of unnecessary content on their website, high pricing and lack of discounts.


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