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Laura Jones, editor on Queensland-assignment.comHello, Dear Reader!

My name is Laura Jones and I am currently a Journalism student in Queensland. I am also an intern at the ACCC- Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. This commission helps with the correct information of consumers about their legal rights, and highly protects the rights of the consumer.

For example, if someone hires any services or buy products through a company, the ACCC is there to ensure the respective company provides fair, see through and reliable solutions to its customers.

Not so long ago, I have started my own online business, which is a website focusing on assignment writing reviews. While I was a student, I did not have enough time to complete all those writing related assignments especially for Literature and Psychology classes.

That is exactly when I started using the services of an assignment writing company. Why did I decide to use such services? Firstly, because I knew they can help me save a lot of time, and secondly because the prices were extremely affordable. However, I must admit I was completely disappointed with the services of this company…

This assignment help service missed the deadlines on my projects twice. Because of this, I got very bad grades and I almost had to take from the start an important course in Australian Literature. The quality of the paper was very poor, with many misspellings and grammatical errors. Thewriters also did not use the references properly.

Since I was already an intern with the ACCC, I knew perfectly well what I have to do if I am not satisfied with the services of a company. The downside of the issue is that nobody said anything about the use of an assignment writing service in college, so I couldn’tactually protect my legal rights through the ACCC.

After this unfortunate happening, I decided to build something useful for students all around. I created an online platform where students could find trustful information about the most reliable assignment help services out there. I started researching for assignment writing companies online and actually placed orders with these services.

Then, I reviewed the quality of the papers, the services provided and many other features and rated the companies. Since my website became more and more popular, I decided to also publish reviews of my friends, acquaintances, roommates and other students. For security reasons, I am not mentioning their real name on my website.

For now, approximately 70% of the professional assignment help reviews come from real students I have never met in person. These students simply share their real experiences with writing services companies by sending their reviews to queenslandassignment@gmail.com.

The main purpose of this review website is to help students make the right choice when it comes to hiring the services of writing companies. The students sending the email provide really detailed reviews of these companies. The reviews discuss about the quality of the papers, the diversity of the services provided, custom service reliability, prices charged, deadlines and many more.

I am convinced these reviews will help students make well informed decisions about writing services. They will never have to go through the bad experiences I have gonethrough, and this is the most important. All of the services reviewed on the website have a high reputation and they deliver all types of papers on the deadline appointed by the student.

I highly believe this website will help students gain better academic achievements by relying on top quality writing assignments services. From now on, students also do not have to go through trial and error situations, but they can hire the solutions offered by the most reputable writing companies.

If you would like to contribute my this blog or just share your experience about assignment writing companies you have used, just sent it to QueenslandAssignment and I will add it on my blog.