10 Tips for Better Test Preparation

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How you prepare for a test is just as important as the studying process. With better test preparation you will be able to study more efficiently and as a result you will do better in your tests. Here are the top 10 tips for proper test preparation.

1. Read through your study material

Before trying to take everything in just read through your study material to familiarise yourself with the contents and look up any words you do not know.

2. Underline

Upon reading your work the second time around start underlining or highlighting the facts that you know will be important for the test.

3. Summarise

Summarise the underlined information. You can summarise using mind maps, bullet lists, flashcards and posters. Use colourful pencils or paper to improve memory recall.

4. Begin ahead of time

The earlier you start the more time you have to prepare and revise for your test. You might know about a test months in advance and think you have plenty of time to get started, but remember you will still be getting plenty of assignments and homework in the mean while.

5. Revise often

The key to optimum memory recall is frequent revision. Try to go through your summaries a few times a day in the weeks preceding your test.

6. Go through previous tests

If you can find tests of previous years or even just some other tests you have written on the subject it will help you get prepared for what to expect in your test. Going through previous assignments help just as much for test preparation.

7. Study in a quiet place

Your study environment can make all the difference to your memory retention and recall. Make sure you sit in a quiet place where you can study comfortably and with full concentration. This can be a quiet room, a library or a study hall on campus.

8. Use memory aids

When you have many lists and facts to memorise it might become tricky to remember all of it. Make use of mnemonic devices to help you remember better. You can also draw pictures or make rhymes if it helps you recall facts more easily.

9. Know what you have to study

Be sure to know exactly what you have to study. Just like assignment writing, it can be quite futile to put a lot of effort into something if you miss understand the topic or are studying the wrong thing. It can also waste a lot of valuable time if you find you have studied a whole chapter you could have skipped.

10. Make sure you understand everything

If you find anything you do not understand while preparing for your test, be sure to ask a fellow student, tutor or your lecturer/teacher for clarity on the matter.

By following these top 10 studying and test preparation tests you will be doing much better in your next test. Remember if you fail to plan, or prepare, you plan to fail.


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